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Lewandowski: Comey’s a liar, trying to sign book deal

Lewandowski: Comey’s a liar, trying to sign book deal

President Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Saturday accused fired FBI Director James Comey of being a liar out to make money through a lucrative book deal.

“Don’t kid yourself, Jim Comey is a person who has made a career – a very good career – living in Washington,” Lewandowski said on “Fox & Friends.”

“And what we saw this week – I’m shocked by this news – is Jim Comey’s about to sign a $10 million book deal, right?” he added. “It’s amazing how these guys go from government service to multi-millionaires, and people wonder why Washington is broken.”

That a book deal is in the works for Comey was reported on Friday by The Daily Mail, a conservative British tabloid. The report cites only anonymous sources and has not been verified or reported by other news outlets.

Lewandowski’s comments came two days after the former FBI director’s high-profile testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, in which he revealed that Trump once asked him for a pledge of loyalty and later pressed him to drop his agency’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. According to Lewandowski, “Comey is a liar.”

Trump denied Comey’s assertions on Friday and said that he would be willing to tell his side of story under oath.

Lewandowski also repeated past assertions that “the deep state is very, very real.”

“The swamp creatures are very real,” he said.

The “deep state” – the notion that there federal employees working to manipulate government policy – is a conspiracy theory that has been pushed by people on both the left and the right. Lewandowski has floated the conspiracy numerous times, most recently on Friday when he said that Comey “is part of the deep state.”



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